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Matcha is a resume screening assistant designed to streamline the early-stage hiring process, empowering HR professionals at small to medium-sized companies to work more efficiently.

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The problem

Small and medium-sized companies often face the challenge of hiring for multiple positions, receiving a high volume of job applications that demand expertise and time for thorough screening.


In an era where AI continually reshapes our world, Matcha was born from the idea of harnessing OpenAI's API to create a valuable solution. Reflecting on my experiences at Smore, where I reviewed CVs and portfolios one by one when hiring designers, I envisioned a solution that could save time and improve efficiency for HR teams.

Matcha leverages ChatGPT's capabilities to automate this process, although we must acknowledge that the accuracy of results remains unproven, for the purposes of this project, let's assume the results are promising.

How does it work?

Matcha offers a straightforward approach. You input the jobs you're hiring for and the list of candidates who've applied. The system then leverages the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT to rank candidates and identify the best matches.

'Matchmaking' done and ranks best candidates for a specific job

Key features

  1. 1. Definitions and Customizations

    ChatGPT performs best with contextual information. With Matcha, you can define the hiring company and customize each job individually. This flexibility allows you to specify details such as pay range, benefits, perks, and remote policies for the entire organization and for specific roles.

  2. 2. Quick Job Setup

    Our goal is to make adding jobs as quick as possible. Companies often have job pages, so you can simply paste the link to one. Copy/paste is also a straightforward option for most cases. Additionally, we provide generic job descriptions for common roles, making it easy for users to get started promptly.

  3. 3. Drag and drop CVs

    Matcha's focus is on saving you time. Just drag and drop the CVs of all your candidates, and we'll take care of the rest, finding the best matches for you.

Easily import jobs from existing pages or copy/paste

Drag and drop as many CVs at once and let them process


My journey with Matcha has underscored the immense potential in creating user-friendly solutions for complex technologies. Leveraging ChatGPT to send and receive requests has opened the door to a multitude of ideas.

As AI tools become more prevalent, successful ones will be distinguished by their product design and a bit of luck. We're already witnessing the rise of AI tools, and Matcha is poised to be at the forefront of this exciting trend.

Matcha cups made using Midjourney leading to the logo (obviously inspired by Smorinio 🔥)

Prototype built using Astro/Svelte to start feeling out the UI/UX