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Smore Brand

Crafting and elevating the Smore brand along with the lovable mascot, Smorinio

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The Problem

In a competitive landscape dominated by industry giants like MailChimp and ConstantContact, Smore aimed to establish a memorable and robust brand identity. We sought to represent a company that was not only professional and focused at solving significant problems but also injected some fun into the process.

Smorinio — Smore's Mascot

Early on, we recognized the power of having a mascot for Smore, taking inspiration from MailChimp's beloved Freddie, the chimp mascot. We stumbled upon a small Smore doll on Etsy, crafted by an anonymous artist. I took the initiative to create the initial version of Smorinio by tracing it, though it was far from perfect. Nevertheless, we embraced it and used it for some time.

A few years down the road, as Smorinio became an increasingly integral part of our brand, we decided to enlist the talents of artist Miki Mottes. Miki crafted a refined version of Smorinio, featuring cleaner vector lines and improved flexibility, which turned out to be a resounding success.

Pixel perfect Smorinios by Miki Mottes

The OG Smorinio — Everything started from this guy

The Evolution of the Brand and Smorinio

With the enhanced Smorinio at our disposal, boasting cleaner lines and greater versatility, a world of creative possibilities unfolded. We started with simple additions like hats and then ventured into equipping Smorinio with various items in his little hands. Soon, we had a diverse array of dressed-up Smorinios, which rapidly became a substantial part of both our brand identity and our product.

Impact of Conferences — NSPRA

  1. 1. Making a Memorable Entrance

    We made a splash by appearing as a primary sponsor at one of the largest conferences in our industry, NSPRA (National School Public Relations Association). Our goal was to be unforgettable and create a buzz among attendees. Having Smorinio with us proved to be a significant asset, and we were eager to introduce him to the world.

  2. 2. Giving Away Plushies and Cool Swag

    We discovered a company that produced incredibly cute dolls called Squishables, and they happened to have a Smore-themed one! An idea quickly formed: we decided to distribute these medium-sized plushies to conference attendees, primarily educators. The response was overwhelmingly positive—THEY LOVED IT. We were willing to go big and be generous, to create something unforgettable that everyone would talk about.

  3. 3. Building Brand Recognition

    Our participation in NSPRA over the years was immensely rewarding. Our users were vocal supporters, and it was heartening to see how many educators knew about us. Even if they weren't Smore users, they had heard of us or simply wanted a plushie for themselves. This created significant opportunities for our sales team at the conference.

  4. Happy Smore users with some swag and the Smorinio plushie!

Smore's Overall Brand Journey

Our journey began as a tool primarily aimed at small businesses but soon transitioned towards a strong focus on education. Along the way, we made significant strides in evolving and refining our brand.

As the years passed, we welcomed Or, a highly talented designer and artist, to our team. Or and I worked tirelessly together, engaging in countless discussions and iterations to fine-tune every color, curve, and style in our brand identity.

Subsequently, I shifted my focus towards our product development, while Or took charge of the brand and marketing efforts. A significant portion of the credit for our brand's success goes to her outstanding contributions.

A bunch of colorful Smore buttons featuring custom Smorinios

Or and myself perfectly hanging Smore artwork at a conference

Last minute stuff, part of every NSPRA. Look at the face 😂

Giveaway during Smore demo which was fully packed. We announced our Canva partnership there.