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The Problem

Let's face it, traditional presentation tools like Google Slides and PowerPoint can be a real headache. The struggle to get things aligned perfectly, the frustration of repetitive formatting tasks, and the unlimited customization options have plagued users for years. As a designer, I've felt this pain firsthand, and thought how could the experience be better.


Waterslide is a presentation creation tool that puts simplicity and functionality at its core. It is more focused on the content and the design and layout should just work. Waterslide is designed to empower users to effortlessly craft stunning presentations without the usual design headaches. It's all about making the process smooth and enjoyable.

Simple design changes for fonts and colors across the entire presentation

Key features

  1. 1. Intelligent Text Size Adjustments

    Tired of manually adjusting text to fit your images? Waterslide takes care of that for you. Whether you make your image larger or smaller, Waterslide automatically adjusts text size and ensures consistency across all slides.

  2. Adjusted font sizes according to side image size

  3. 2. Revamped Presenter Notes

    Presenter notes shouldn't be an afterthought. Waterslide offers richer formatting options and color choices for your presenter notes, making them not just useful but visually appealing and easier to skim through.

  4. Richer presenter notes to help with readability while presenting

  5. 3. Practice Mode

    Prepare like a pro with Waterslide's Practice Mode. Record your presentation in advance, review your recording, or share it with others to gather valuable feedback. It's your secret weapon for confident and polished delivery.


In a world where time is of the essence, Waterslide emerges as the ultimate solution for quick, hassle-free slide creation. Say goodbye to design woes and hello to content-focused presentations that shine.

Unlocking the Power of AI

While Waterslide is already a pretty cool, the future holds even more potential. I'm excited to explore the possibilities of AI and leverage OpenAI's tools to enhance Waterslide further. I think there's a lot to be done with content generation, seamless translations, and a host of other exciting features that AI can bring to the table.